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Allison Gibson

Allison Gibson Allison Gibson

"Yes, but will it play in Peoria?" I never thought this saying about whether a story, trend, taste or idea would appeal to the "average American" would one day come to be part of my daily life.  But now I'm a newsroom manager working to make sure WEEK and HOI News and our excellent team of  reporters, anchors and photojournalists do connect or "play"  in Peoria. I help them make sure we're doing stories that resonate with  our viewers and readers, whom I already know are anything but "average." 

A mid-westerner at an early age, my college days were spent at Ohio University where I enrolled in journalism. While there I caught the radio and TV bug, working at first for the campus radio station, then moving over to the Public Broadcasting radio and TV stations.  Although I was once an on-air reporter and anchor, my passion was for producing the news behind the scenes. 

So, on to Virginia, then New Jersey, then Indiana, and now Peoria. Journalists are often nomads, moving around is nothing new. What is new is the absolute beauty of the Central Illinois region.  In fact, when not in our newsrooms, or at the local coffee shop, you'll inevitably find me on one of the many biking or walking trails scattered throughout the region. 

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