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Buddy Check 25: Mammogram helps catch early stage breast cancer


A local cancer survivor shares a cautionary tale about making time to take care of yourself. Tonya Smith admits she tends to take care of everyone else's needs before her own. She skipped her screening mammogram in 2014, and only got screened the next year at her doctor's urging. She had no symptoms, but the mammogram detected a suspicious spot - an early sign of breast cancer. “I was stage zero. So, that was the good thing about it, but I had not had a mammogram, I would've ... More>>

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Buddy Check 25: New focus on 4 core principles


Thanks to heightened awareness, early detection, improved treatments and better access to care, more people have a better chance of beating breast cancer than ever before. 


Buddy Check 25: Genetic testing can help to better understand breast cancer risk


In today's Buddy Check 25 report, research shows the breast cancer risk linked to family history may be due to inherited gene mutations or shared lifestyle factors that increase risk. 


Buddy Check: New study may hold the key to understanding breast cancer


An unprecedented study reveals 72 new breast cancer genes. Why does that matter? It means we're closer than ever to understanding breast cancer's origins. 


Buddy Check: Sisters each fighting their own cancer battles


In today's Buddy Check 25 report, two sisters battling cancer diagnosed just weeks apart. 


Buddy Check 25: Regular self-breast exam saves woman's life


There’s more evidence that knowing what's normal for your body can help save your life. Buddy Check 25's gina morss introduces us to a woman who says regular self-breast exam, early detection and caring colleagues are why she's alive today.


Buddy Check 25: Beating the odds of surviving late stage breast cancer


The five-year survival rate for women diagnosed with late stage disease is just 25 percent. 


Buddy Check 25: Making healthcare accessible to everyone

PONTIAC, Ill. -- A new initiative known as 'Women Empowered Livingston County' aims to make healthcare more accessible to women in and around Pontiac. Volunteers, like Lisa Martin and two-time breast cancer survivor Joanne Mullen, are kicking off the endeavor by helping fund the renovation of the Mammography and Diagnostic Suite at OSF Saint James Medical Center. "If you can feel like your environment is supportive and private and personal, that is very helpful," said Mull... More>>

Buddy Check 25: Does your insurer cover diagnostic mammograms?

PEORIA, Ill. -- When Melissa Maubach discovered a lump in her breast, she feared the worst. Only 35 at the time, she had a family history of breast cancer. But Maubach could not afford the out-of-pocket expense for further tests to determine if that lump was indeed cancer. Unity Point Health Methodist paid for her mammogram and sonogram with grant funding from Susan G. Komen. The lump turned out to be benign. Maubach and Curves Peoria will host the Methodist mammography van and W...


Buddy Check 25: Rehabilitation with OSF's STAR program

PEORIA, Ill. -- More people are beating breast cancer than ever. That also means more people are living with the side effects of treatment. Shirley Meils admits she hadn't had a mammogram in six years. The 63-year-old had no family history of breast cancer. Then, last fall she felt something during a self-exam. A biopsy revealed she had invasive ductal carcinoma. "When you're dealing with cancer and then you have extra pain on top of it, it's overwhelming," said Meils. F... More>>

Buddy Check 25: "Look Good, Feel Better" program

NORMAL, Ill. -- A cancer diagnosis is rough enough. Combine it with the physical and emotional side effects of treatment, and it can be tough to cope. Alicia Vermeulin delights in helping her clients look and feel their best. “That's why you like the height. It looks good on you.” You see, her clients are often cancer patients in the thick of treatment. That means they are losing their hair, their skin is changing and many times they just don't look or feel like thems... More>>

Buddy Check 25: Pekin Hospital 3D Mammography

PEKIN, Ill. -- Women in Tazewell County no longer have to travel to Peoria for 3D mammography. Doctors are expected to diagnose nearly 8,000 people with breast cancer in Illinois alone this year. 3D mammography, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis, is helping to catch cancer earlier. Lyb Collier's gentle demeanor helps put Pekin Hospital patients at ease. She's a mammographer, and she knows how stressful the simple test can be with its unknowns and what ifs. As Collier wal... More>>

Buddy Check 25: Younger women being diagnosed with breast cancer

WASHINGTON, Ill. -- When you see the survivors walk in the 2016 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, you'll notice women who are a lot younger than usual. Keeping up with twin three-year-olds is a real workout, but Brittany Dorf loves every minute of it. Sometimes it's chaos, other times it's quiet. Snuggles are what Dorf loves best. So, when life took an unexpected turn, Brittany was heartbroken. A chance discovery of a lump near her collarbone led to a diagnosis of an aggressive form... More>>

Buddy Check 25: Bikers for Ta-Tas

PEORIA, Ill. -- In this month's Buddy Check 25 report we show you it's not just doctors and nurses that make an impact in the fight against breast cancer. Bikers for Ta-Tas is one of those grassroots events coming up in July that shows a community and volunteers can also join the fight. Registration is underway now. Money raised at the huge motorcycle ride and party help support the UnityPoint Health Methodist-Proctor Mobile Mammography Unity and other services for patients in need.... More>>

Buddy Check 25: Encouraging minorities to get screened

CENTRAL ILLINOIS -- A new initiative in McLean County aims to increase the number of minority women who get screened for breast cancer. Last year, only 29% of eligible African American women and just 13% of Latino women in the county had annual screening mammograms. Hair stylists and salon owners are in a unique position to discuss breast health and screening information with their clients. The Community Cancer Center's 'Pink Partners' project is teaming with local salons to help w... More>>

Buddy Check 25: Local woman continues battle with metastatic breast cancer

PEORIA, Ill. – Over the past two decades, breast cancer survivorship has increased to nearly 100 percent when the disease is caught early. Late stage breast cancers are much more stubborn. Still, as Gina Morss shows us...so is the woman you are about to meet. This athletic trainer has to be, she's a 12-year breast cancer survivor. "It’s just absolutely part of my medicine, getting here to the gym, letting my body move in whatever way it can that day." Her st...


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